The Orpingtons


Gulliver: I am an adventurer. I like to sit high above the rest of the flock or wander to the far reaches of the world (commonly known as the yard). My name, rightly so, comes from Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, and if I had hands, I too would become Captain of a mighty ship. Since I don’t, I must be happy being captain of my pretty ladies.


Lilliput (Lilli): I am one of the sweetest girls and particularly love sitting in Mother’s lap. My name also comes from Gulliver’s Travels. Unlike Gulliver, though, I’m happy to stay close to everyone else. I also do tricks: I’ve learned to jump for my treats!


Cordelia: My name comes from Shakespeare’s King Lear. Like that Cordelia, I am sweet and beautiful and have a true heart. Lilli and I are often together, telling stories and hoping Mother will come visit us.

Lyra: too busy exploring to sit for a photo

Lyra: Like Gulliver, I’m an adventurer! We often wander far away from everyone else in the hopes of finding something amazing (and yummy). I’m named after Lyra Silvertounge, the main character from Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. Like her, I want to explore new worlds, such as the one on the other side of the big fence in the yard!


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