The Wyandottes


Madeline: Bonjour! I’m Madeline, like the girl from the book by Ludwig Bemelmans. Mother named me this since was living in the hospital with a hurt leg. She says it’s a shame I don’t have a half-moon scar, but I’m pretty content without one.


Pippi: Mother named me Pippi because, like Pippi Longstocking in the Pippi Långstrump (Longstocking in Swedish) books by Astrid Lindgren, I am strong but kind.


Ginny: I’m named after Ginny Weasley from one of Mother’s favorite book series, Harry Potter.

the splash Wyandottes

Splash Wyandottes: We’re brand new to the farm and Mother doesn’t know us well enough to know our names yet. But don’t worry, we’ll let her know them soon enough!


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