The Dearly Departed


Fig: July 2008- May 2010

Fig was my dear, sweet little man- the cuddliest, smoochiest cat I’d ever met. His life was tragically short, but he spent every day of it being charming and wonderful, even as the kitten who’s greatest joy was licking my face raw when I was sleeping. Nothing will ever replace Fig, but the presence of his children will hopefully help to keep him alive and with us for many more years to come.


Gretel: Sept 2009- May 2010

Gretel was the tiniest bird on the farm, a beautiful little Silkie who was wildly independent and could always hold her own, even against the biggest of the Big Boys. She was Hansel’s adored little girlfriend. In May, she hatched out the first little chickies to be born on the farm and became a mother to 2 of her own chicks and 3 darling foster babies. She was a fantastic mother. Hansel and the rest of us miss her greatly.


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